A pristine, serene, nature paradise.

History of Pleasant Lake

Pleasant Lake is recognized as one of the 25 healthiest lakes and one of the best swimming lakes out of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes.

One thing you won’t be doing on this vacation is firing up a wave-runner or dodging water-skiers. No one else will either. Pleasant Lake is proudly no-wake, meaning any vessel with a motor is only allowed to travel at just over idle speed. Perhaps this policy dates back to the lake’s history as host of no less than three different Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts camps, where generations of kids from Chicago and Milwaukee have learned to swim and sail. Or perhaps it’s because the local authorities know that there are plenty of other lakes in Walworth County for power-boats, including Lauderdale Lakes five minutes away, so they’ve preserved this jewel and protected much of its shoreline from development.

Dock Amenities

The toughest decision you may face during your stay is choosing which of the floating vessels to explore the lake. Your options include:

  • a pontoon boat with electric motor charged by solar panels
  • the “Megalodon” stand-up paddleboard (SUP) for you and up to 10+ of your buddies
  • four traditional single-person SUPs
  • an extra-sturdy SUP with fishing rod holders and a seated option
  • two adult-sized single kayaks
  • two kid-sized single kayaks
  • a tandem paddle-kayak
  • a four-person paddle-boat
  • an old-school canoe
  • and even a small flat-bottomed jon boat to get into the lake’s shallowest nooks and crannies.  
  • Or maybe you’ll just hook a noodle under your arms and float around aimlessly.


Enjoy the views as you descend the curved stone path and steps to the lakefront. Just before you arrive at the dock, you’ll find a fully enclosed and climate controlled gazebo complete with seating for six or sleeping for two. There’s a fridge and tv in the gazebo, so you’re all set whether you need to refresh your beverage, keep an eye on your favorite team’s game, or provide a comfortable spot for a little one to take a nap…all without leaving the action at the lakefront.


With so many ways to float on the water or navigate by paddling, it's impossible to get bored. You may have to drag the kids up to the house to eat or bring food down to them, and you can count on them being utterly exhausted each night and sleeping soundly.


Pleasant Lake is not only a peaceful haven for humans but also a veritable sanctuary for wildlife. A stay at Pleasant Lake is not complete if you haven’t spotted a good number of herons, turtles, cranes, and eagles. If you’re lucky and very stealthy, you might catch sight of one of the beavers working near their lodge in the “back bay” full of lily pads. Of course you can’t possibly miss seeing all kinds of birds and fish.


Pleasant Lake is great for fishing, as small lakes go. Here’s what you anglers will want to know, from a review in Milwaukee’s paper of record:

“The 145-acre lake is called an "ice block kettle" and sits at the border of a terminal moraine. It has a maximum depth of 29 feet and a predominantly sand bottom. It has the standard suite of Wisconsin fish, including largemouth bass (abundant), northern pike, walleye, black crappie and bluegill (all present). The Department of Natural Resources stocks about 5,400 walleye fingerlings in Pleasant every other year. The other species are naturally reproduced. It also has several less-common species, including Johnny darter and Iowa darter, indicative of good water quality, and several species of native mussels. The DNR rates Pleasant Lake's water quality as very good. ‘Pleasant is a little jewel,’ said Reddy, owner of Reddy Guide Service since 2002. ‘This is the type of fishing that builds confidence.’”

When it comes to fun and relaxation, you might say that Pleasant Lake is small but mighty. Click here to learn more about the local area and this region of the great state of Wisconsin.